Bacteriality Exploring chronic disease 2014-11-29T19:00:32Z Amy Proal <![CDATA[Update on tone and other issues]]> 2014-11-29T18:46:41Z 2010-10-03T17:12:30Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Metagenomic symbiosis between bacterial and viral pathogens in autoimmune disease]]> 2014-11-27T19:07:47Z 2010-06-01T18:40:48Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Why patients with chronic disease are disaffected and how online social networks meet their needs]]> 2014-11-28T04:49:17Z 2009-10-19T17:34:37Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Sun-blocking culture among the Chinese]]> 2014-11-28T04:52:52Z 2009-10-01T17:37:28Z 0 Amy Proal & Paul Albert <![CDATA[Second-guessing the consensus on vitamin D]]> 2014-11-29T17:17:28Z 2009-08-10T17:41:00Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Notes from the 2009 International Congress of Antibodies]]> 2014-11-29T17:21:53Z 2009-06-11T18:50:14Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Travels, papers, and more… an update]]> 2014-11-29T17:48:31Z 2009-06-06T17:56:44Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Milk consumption tied to Parkinson’s disease]]> 2014-11-28T04:56:53Z 2009-04-04T17:57:51Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Hey there, how’s your Kineosphaeram holding up?]]> 2014-11-29T17:49:42Z 2009-03-21T18:37:57Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Olmesartan may play a role in reducing coronary plaque]]> 2014-11-28T05:17:39Z 2008-12-05T19:19:27Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Nice to meet you, thanks for your bacteria]]> 2014-11-28T05:17:27Z 2008-11-15T19:20:42Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Notes from the 2008 International Congress on Autoimmunity]]> 2014-11-29T17:58:48Z 2008-09-22T18:57:15Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Dinosaur flesh and the power of denial]]> 2014-11-28T05:17:00Z 2008-08-26T19:22:02Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Three days at the J. Craig Venter Institute]]> 2014-11-29T18:06:05Z 2008-08-17T17:59:42Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Bernie Mac didn’t have to die – pervasive misconceptions about sarcoidosis]]> 2014-11-28T05:18:45Z 2008-08-09T19:23:09Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[HPV found in breast milk, clarifying yet another way in which pathogens likely spread from parent to child]]> 2014-11-29T18:06:55Z 2008-07-31T19:25:19Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[The bacteria boom – implications of the Human Microbiome Project]]> 2014-11-29T18:13:02Z 2008-07-27T18:01:25Z 0 Paul Albert <![CDATA[Laboratory study on PXR supports Marshall’s in silico model of Vitamin D metabolism]]> 2014-11-29T18:13:27Z 2008-07-19T19:26:31Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Gene Johnson – sarcoidosis, bladder cancer]]> 2014-11-29T18:15:01Z 2008-07-18T16:42:07Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[High tofu intake correlated with memory loss]]> 2014-11-28T05:19:46Z 2008-07-15T19:28:03Z 0 Paul Albert <![CDATA[Why are breastfed infants more intelligent? Examining the alternate hypothesis]]> 2014-11-28T05:20:02Z 2008-07-06T19:29:44Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Bonnie B – lupus, Sjogren’s Syndrome]]> 2014-11-29T18:16:40Z 2008-07-02T16:40:40Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Organ-transplant data provides more evidence that bacteria can infect the stem cells]]> 2014-11-28T05:20:25Z 2008-06-27T20:03:20Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Study finds that healthy Indian hospital workers display low levels of vitamin D despite adequate sun exposure, providing support for Marshall’s model of vitamin D metabolism]]> 2014-11-28T05:20:39Z 2008-06-20T20:04:23Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Chris Eastlund – diabetes, sarcoidosis, irritable bowel syndrome]]> 2014-11-29T18:18:47Z 2008-06-19T16:40:31Z 0 Paul Albert <![CDATA[Bacteria likely the missing link between TNF-alpha blocking medications and cancer]]> 2014-11-29T18:19:16Z 2008-06-13T20:05:14Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Bacterium identified in depths of glacier, only 3 million to go…]]> 2014-11-28T05:21:10Z 2008-06-07T20:06:04Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Roy P. – sarcoidosis, rheumatoid arthritis]]> 2014-11-28T05:23:24Z 2008-06-03T16:40:24Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Journal dedicates entire issue to potential role of bacteria in Alzheimer’s Disease]]> 2014-11-28T05:23:34Z 2008-06-02T20:07:01Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Finnish and British researchers reveal a correlation between vitamin D supplementation during infancy and an increased risk of atopy, allergic rhinitis, and asthma later in life]]> 2014-11-28T05:23:44Z 2008-05-27T20:08:11Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Understanding Biofilms]]> 2014-11-29T18:27:27Z 2008-05-26T18:03:29Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Peter de Jager: chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity]]> 2014-11-28T05:24:16Z 2008-05-23T16:40:16Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Study shows the Vitamin D Receptor maintains the integrity of the intestines]]> 2014-11-28T05:24:27Z 2008-05-21T20:09:18Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Chronic bacterial forms a missing connection between mothers with mental illness and their autistic children]]> 2014-11-28T05:24:37Z 2008-05-15T20:10:07Z 0 Paul Albert <![CDATA[AIDS vaccine disaster emphasizes the need for Vitamin D Receptor homology among study subjects]]> 2014-11-28T05:24:47Z 2008-05-08T20:11:02Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Bacteria officially implicated in causing bad breath]]> 2014-11-28T05:24:56Z 2008-05-01T20:11:59Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[In men with diabetes, eating eggs – which contain vitamin D in the yolk – doubles the risk of death]]> 2014-11-29T18:29:10Z 2008-04-23T20:12:53Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Inflammatory cytokines determine whether bone marrow cells are converted into fat cells or other cell types]]> 2014-11-29T18:29:33Z 2008-04-14T20:14:02Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Dr. Randall Wolcott, bacterial biofilm wound specialist]]> 2014-11-29T18:30:41Z 2008-04-13T18:05:17Z 0 Paul Albert <![CDATA[Nuclear receptor expression may account for severe symptoms among women with ADHD]]> 2014-11-28T05:25:34Z 2008-04-08T20:15:18Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Insights into horizontal gene transfer: conversations with Dr. Peter Gogarten and Dr. James Lake]]> 2014-11-29T18:31:34Z 2008-04-06T18:07:23Z 0 Paul Albert <![CDATA[Not so mysterious connection between insect bites and a cancer drug]]> 2014-11-28T05:25:54Z 2008-04-03T20:16:34Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Ken L. – Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS)]]> 2014-11-28T05:26:03Z 2008-03-31T16:40:04Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Yet another study stresses the limits of standard cultivation mechanisms]]> 2014-11-28T05:26:13Z 2008-03-28T20:18:02Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Voices of reason in the vitamin D debate]]> 2014-11-29T18:33:52Z 2008-03-22T18:09:56Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Notre Dame researchers confirm the effect of soy on the Vitamin D Receptor]]> 2014-11-29T18:34:17Z 2008-03-21T20:19:08Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Another study points to a relationship between gut bacteria and weight gain]]> 2014-11-28T05:26:39Z 2008-03-15T20:20:12Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Doreen V. – autism, ADHD depression, severe anxiety, CFS]]> 2014-11-28T05:28:19Z 2008-03-15T16:40:02Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Disease or no Disease?]]> 2014-11-28T05:28:36Z 2008-03-09T20:21:35Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with JST: Neurosarcoidosis]]> 2014-11-29T18:36:12Z 2008-03-02T16:39:55Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Mysterious side effects or bacterial death?]]> 2014-11-28T05:28:57Z 2008-03-01T20:22:54Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[A “cure” to die for]]> 2014-11-28T05:29:07Z 2008-02-24T20:24:27Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Melinda Stiles – Lyme, Irritable bowel syndrome/colitis, Radiculitis (inflammation of the nerve roots)]]> 2014-11-28T05:29:17Z 2008-02-17T16:39:42Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Claims made by vitamin D proponents make little sense in the face of recent study on cardiovascular disease]]> 2014-11-28T05:29:30Z 2008-02-15T20:25:23Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with evolutionary biologist Paul Ewald]]> 2014-11-29T18:37:22Z 2008-02-11T18:11:56Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Research on Black Death victims suggests that L-form bacteria were alive and well during the Middle Ages]]> 2014-11-28T05:29:50Z 2008-02-09T20:26:35Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Food poisoning victims suffer from chronic symptoms long after acute infection is gone]]> 2014-11-28T05:30:05Z 2008-02-02T20:27:39Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Commentaries in Nutritional Reviews and a paper in the British Journal of Nutrition question the safety of folic acid supplementation]]> 2014-11-28T05:30:19Z 2008-01-25T20:29:04Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Freddie Ash – Sarcoidosis of the heart, coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation]]> 2014-11-28T05:30:28Z 2008-01-18T16:39:39Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Vitamin D proponents still refuse to accept basic facts about sunscreen]]> 2014-11-28T05:30:37Z 2008-01-15T20:29:55Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Experimental AIDS vaccine most likely contaminated with L-form bacteria]]> 2014-11-28T05:30:47Z 2008-01-09T20:30:57Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Study shows that most older adults have signs of brain damage]]> 2014-11-28T05:30:54Z 2008-01-04T20:32:04Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Horizontal DNA transfer also causes bacterial DNA to be passed from generation to generation]]> 2014-11-28T05:31:57Z 2007-12-30T20:33:19Z 0 Paul Albert <![CDATA[Interview with P. Bear R.N. – Chronic Borreliosis (“Lyme”), MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), Chronic Spinal Inflammation, Peripheral Neuropathy]]> 2014-11-28T05:32:07Z 2007-12-28T16:39:31Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Sherry Cook – Sarcoidosis, Cat Scratch Fever, Restless Leg Syndrome]]> 2014-11-28T05:32:29Z 2007-11-19T16:39:22Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Leesa Shanahan – Sarcoidosis (Heerfordt’s Syndrome), Uveitis]]> 2014-11-29T18:39:36Z 2007-11-19T16:39:09Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Mirek Wozga – sarcoidosis]]> 2014-11-29T18:40:06Z 2007-11-17T16:39:06Z 0 Paul Albert <![CDATA[What can medical research learn from the open source software movement?]]> 2014-11-28T05:33:30Z 2007-11-12T18:13:07Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Paul Albert – CFS, depression, food sensitivities]]> 2014-11-29T18:41:30Z 2007-11-10T16:38:59Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Carole Morgan – Sarcoidosis, fibromyalgia, CFS]]> 2014-11-29T18:42:24Z 2007-11-08T16:38:52Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Shirley J. (Saj) – Sarcoidosis]]> 2014-11-28T05:33:58Z 2007-11-04T16:38:45Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Dr. Greg Blaney: MP physician]]> 2014-11-28T05:34:06Z 2007-10-31T18:14:37Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Sue Andorn – Lyme, Babesia]]> 2014-11-28T05:34:24Z 2007-09-22T16:38:07Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Bacteria and cancer: an interview with Dr. Alan Cantwell]]> 2014-11-29T18:50:54Z 2007-09-11T18:16:38Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Nadya Markova: L-form Expert]]> 2014-11-29T18:52:46Z 2007-09-09T18:18:45Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Interview with Ival Meyer – Arthritis, dyslexia]]> 2014-11-28T05:35:00Z 2007-09-01T16:37:58Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[Gerald Domingue: Pioneer of Atypical Bacteria]]> 2014-11-29T19:00:32Z 2007-08-22T18:20:15Z 0 Amy Proal <![CDATA[A History of Cell Wall Deficient Bacteria: A Selection of Researchers Who Have Worked with the L-form]]> 2014-11-29T16:52:10Z 2007-08-18T18:22:05Z 0